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Home for the Helpless
Est. March 20th, 2012

When hope is lost.
When the end is in sight.
When the voices become too loud,
impulses too strong,
destruction too irresistible,
and mind too weak...

We will be here to welcome you home.
And what a lovely home it is.

Welcome to Home For The Helpless. An oasis in a desert of misunderstanding. Here you will find acceptance and understanding for what the world labels disorders. Oh, don't worry... You'll be just fine here. Though keep in mind that even the most beautiful oasis has the power to be merely a frightening mirage.

  • Name: Parker Pierson
  • Age: Twenty-Five
  • Diagnosis: Histrionic Personality Disorder 
  • Sexuality: Up to Player
  • Lyric/Quote: "Too many joy rides in daddy’s Jaguar. Too many white lies and white lines. Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends. Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends."
  • Face Claim: Sam Claflin
  • Open

Parker. The spoilt brat who thinks he can get everything he wants. He’s always been brought up to think that if he shouted and screamed and stamped his feet then he’d get it handed out in a silver plate. Basically his family had money and they spent all of it on Parker without fail or even a care in the world, he was an only child so that was all he knew. He never had to compete with a sibling.

His parents split up when he was young, only eleven. His father left the family saying he never wanted anything to do with them again. Of course Parker was hurt but he soon got over it, his mother re-married when he was only fourteen and then a step sister was brought into the equation.

He finds communication with people hard because he simply doesn’t understand why people act the way they do. Though somehow he always managed to get things to work with people and they seemed to like him. From his late-ish teenage years he became more dramatic, more attention seeking and becoming more sensitive. He constantly craved attention and for people to approve of what he was doing.

He wasn’t reliant on people but he needed everyone to approve of what he was doing when things got bad he dressed eccentrically, he constantly craved attention from his step sister, his behavior is often over the top and he is known to over react to most things.

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