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Home for the Helpless
Est. March 20th, 2012

When hope is lost.
When the end is in sight.
When the voices become too loud,
impulses too strong,
destruction too irresistible,
and mind too weak...

We will be here to welcome you home.
And what a lovely home it is.

Welcome to Home For The Helpless. An oasis in a desert of misunderstanding. Here you will find acceptance and understanding for what the world labels disorders. Oh, don't worry... You'll be just fine here. Though keep in mind that even the most beautiful oasis has the power to be merely a frightening mirage.

  • Name: Earnest Hudson
  • Age: Fifty-Eight
  • Occupation: Specialist in Music Therapy
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Lyric/Quote:
  • Face claim: Jeff Bridges
  • Open

Earnest didn’t always know he wanted to be involved with therapeutic techniques such as musical therapy. All he knew as a child was his deep love and passion for any instrument he could make noise with, and his empathy towards other humans. Eventually, while in high school, he discovered he loved the expressionism within music and wanted to put that to good use. He attended college and earned a degree in psychology and decided he would specialize in musical therapy. At first, he started out as an independent practitioner, running his own business and working for himself. He was able to come home to a loving wife and daughter, even though his hours were something strange, always changing when someone cancelled or rescheduled. The business went well, many people enjoying the sessions with him and loving the uniqueness of musical therapy instead of the regular cognitive therapy, but after years of it, he began to want to change something. He wanted to move, wanted to get a fresh start somewhere, and found the birth of his second child to be the perfect time to do so. Sadly, that would mean he would have to say goodbye to many loyal patients and redirect them to another open therapist.

Earnest moved his family from Michigan to Maine after much deliberation with his wife, settling in nicely and finding the weather to be quite a change, but liking it nonetheless. His wife soon gave birth to a wonderful baby boy, and Earnest felt he had found his place in the world. He tried to restart his business but found it didn’t do as well as it had in Michigan. The competition was rough, and Earnest felt there wasn’t as much of a shortage of therapists in Maine as there was in Michigan. And so he struggled, until he applied for a job at the Home. There, he was able to hold a steady job and continue on his work the way he loved, with music. And while he’s one of the few staff members that doesn’t reside at the Home full-time, he feels like Home for the Helpless was exactly what he needed. 

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