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Home for the Helpless
Est. March 20th, 2012

When hope is lost.
When the end is in sight.
When the voices become too loud,
impulses too strong,
destruction too irresistible,
and mind too weak...

We will be here to welcome you home.
And what a lovely home it is.

Welcome to Home For The Helpless. An oasis in a desert of misunderstanding. Here you will find acceptance and understanding for what the world labels disorders. Oh, don't worry... You'll be just fine here. Though keep in mind that even the most beautiful oasis has the power to be merely a frightening mirage.

  • Name: Micah Simmons
  • Age: Thirty
  • Occupation: Therapist
  • Sexuality: Up to Player
  • Lyric/Quote:
  • Face Claim: Brant Daugherty
  • Open

Micah was always a curious child growing up, but he seemed to take it to a level his peers just weren’t interested in. While the other boys liked to watch bugs crawl and create homes, Micah was more intrigued by the mind. Ever since a very young age, he found himself wondering why some people acted the way they did, what caused them to be that way and how their environment might affect their personality. He was generally well liked in school because of this. Micah didn’t judge someone before he knew them; infact, he spent quite a lot of time trying to understand them. Nowadays people might call him a “floater”, but in truth, he was just impartially nice to everyone.

He carried this passion into his early adulthood, going through highschool. During one of his science classes when they were studying the brain and what each section controlled, Micah found this was what he wanted to continue for a career. And not only researching the brain and figuring out what makes people tick, but he also wanted to help others, and so his schooling truly began. He went to his guidance counselor and explained his new revelation, and with much support from him and his parents, Micah ended up as a psychology major at a nearby university. 

After college was done, he tried to begin his own private practice. He did attract a decent amount of patients for a few years, but never really enough to hold his lifestyle and his newlywed wife. And with a baby on the way, Micah knew he had to do something different. And so he found Home for the Helpless, charmed them with nothing less than a completely professional personality, and was soon hired.

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